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About Scroobbles

M/s Roo Bubbles is a start-up founded by Rubina Bhattacharjee (Roo) and Balaji T (Bubbles) which flagged off from February 2019. M/s Roo Bubbles is based on the foundation “YOU GROW”, which provides support, assistance and the required platform to the corporates or individual in achieving their fullest potential and growth and most importantly their overall objectives. M/s Roo Bubbles has currently forayed into listing and knowledge made fun based platform and plans on further diversification in marketing, digital marketing, event management, advertising agency and other related prospective projects or auxiliary services. Welinki and Scroobbles are the current two websites and mobile application-based platforms under the company name M/s Roo Bubbles.

Scroobbles is a Knowledge based service platform, under the company name M/s Roo Bubbles. Scroobbles revolutionises the concept of “Keep It Simple” by providing various information in the form of short condensed summaries. We provide a rendezvous or a meeting platform where we enable people who have the knowledge or the time to summarise, to connect with the people who need knowledge or don’t have time. We bring together people with different perspectives on various topics as we want to encourage empowerment through sharing of knowledge for the overall growth and benefit of an individual or society at large.

Scroobbles aims in providing a platform to an individual who can summarise books, movies, blogs, his/her travel experiences and many other interests in the form of videos, images or written content and makes it available to the end user(s) or subscriber(s) who can read, hear or listen to the summaries.

Be the Hero by sharing: people are busy and do not have the time to process lengthy information. People’s attention span keeps wavering and dwindling. Why not share your everyday learning and knowledge in simplified format with others? Let’s build a community where everyone can share their knowledge and grow.

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